Paul Atterbury


Bounce Back Arts Director, Weymouth resident, writer, broadcaster and antiques expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

‘I have lived in the south west for over 35 years, and in Weymouth for seven, a town I have long enjoyed for its history, exceptional architectural interest, glorious landscape setting, and that rare blend of seaside resort and working harbour.

As an art historian, I have always believed in the special power that art possesses to benefit communities. That art can be architecture, sculpture, lighting, in fact any form of art that is enduring and permanently accessible to the public. There has always been public art, though the inspiration is by definition variable.

Today, public art is more vital than ever, and recent examples in Britain and elsewhere have shown has it can be a powerful inspiration for community stimulation and regeneration.

As a writer, lecturer and broadcaster, I am glad to be associated with Bounce Back as it has the power to develop further the impact of public art, by the essential process of bringing together artists, sources of funding and community development ideas.’