Ethics Policy


Bounce Back Arts CIC is committed to protecting employees, project partners, attendees at workshops and events, facilitators, artists, volunteers, directors and the company, from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. Bounce Back will not tolerate any wrong-doing or impropriety at any time. They will take the appropriate measures to act quickly in correcting the issue if an ethical code is broken.

The purpose of this statement is to establish a culture of openness, trust and to emphasize Bounce Back’s and their project partners’ expectation to be treated to fair business practices. This policy will serve to guide business behaviour to ensure ethical conduct. Effective ethics is a Bounce Back team effort involving the participation and support of every Director, engaged freelancer, project partner and volunteer, who should familiarize themselves with the ethics guidelines that follow this introduction. This statement applies to employees, project partners, attendees at workshops and events, facilitators, artists, volunteers and directors at Bounce Back including all personnel affiliated with third parties.


To allow all to feel comfortable discussing any issues that may arise, Bounce Back’s Board of Directors will:

  • set a prime example
  • display honesty and integrity
  • have an open door policy
  • welcome suggestions and concerns from employees and others
  • encourage open dialogue

Bounce Back Directors, engaged freelancers and volunteers will:

  • treat everyone fairly
  • have mutual respect,
  • promote a team environment
  • avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practices.
  • demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times
  • apply effort and intelligence in maintaining ethical values
  • disclose any conflict of interests regarding their position within the organisation.

Bounce Back’s Board of Directors¬† should consider the following questions when any behaviour is questionable:

  • Is the behaviour legal?
  • Does the behaviour comply with all appropriate policies?
  • Does the behaviour reflect the values and culture of the organisation?

Bounce Back will promote:

  • a trustworthy and honest atmosphere
  • the vision of ethics within the company
  • maintenance of ethical practices
  • the importance of integrity
  • an ethical stance
  • support of ethical behaviour

Unethical Behaviour

Bounce Back will avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions and communications. They will not tolerate harassment or discrimination. Unauthorised use of company trade secrets & marketing, operational, personnel, financial, source code, & technical information integral to the success of the CIC will not be tolerated.

Bounce Back will not permit impropriety at any time and will act ethically and responsibly in accordance with laws. Bounce Back employees will not use corporate assets or business relationships for personal use or gain.


Bounce Back will not knowingly apply to, or accept funding from, companies, organisations or individuals whose primary work includes direct involvement in activities that run contrary to our overall aims. These include companies, organisations or individuals who, to the best of our knowledge or understanding, directly block or actively work against social justice; whose activities we believe directly harm the environment; or who directly block or work against community empowerment. In such circumstances, and when appropriate, Bounce Back will share this Policy with the relevant companies, organisations or individuals.

Bounce Back is likely to receive funding from statutory bodies or charitable trusts. We accept this funding because it is intended to promote work that contributes to our aims and because it is necessary for Bounce Back’s operations. We do recognise, however, that those statutory bodies are not necessarily ethical just by virtue of being statutory bodies. In recognition of this, we attempt to promote good practice by disseminating our methods and where appropriate we will ask for ethical policies from the bodies we are involved with. Bounce Back will actively pursue funding and support from organisations that make a positive social, cultural or environmental impact


Bounce Back aims to work in partnership or association with individuals and organisations that strive to achieve similar aims. It also aims to work with individuals and organisations who may have not considered the issues raised in this document, but who are willing to listen and possibly change their practices through dialogue with Bounce Back.

Bounce Back will not work in partnership or association with any individual or organisation, either company, statutory, voluntary or community-based, whose primary activities are directly contrary to our aims. In this context, partnership and association means any work that Bounce Back does whereby the responsibility for the end result of that work is jointly owned between Bounce Back and another individual or group.

Bounce Back recognises that its Partners / Associates (including arts and higher education organisations, and individual artists) may receive funding from organisations or individuals whose activities run contrary to our aims. In such circumstances, Bounce Back will share this Policy with its Partner / Associate and strive to ensure that the partnership or association is not directly related to, or publicly associated with, the Partner’s funded activities. Bounce Back will not directly or indirectly publicise, credit or endorse the funder. In addition, and where appropriate, Bounce Back may also use such opportunities to raise and discuss the issue internally with its Partner/Associate.

Implementing this Policy

Bounce Back’s project managers and facilitators will use their best efforts to effectively implement this Policy as they direct and coordinate Bounce Back activities. In exceptional circumstances, any issues of concern, confusion or contention may be referred to Bounce Back’s Board of Directors.