Nothe Fort


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Nicky successfully raised £50K funding from the Coastal Revival Fund to improve the appeal of – and accessibility to – the north terrace of Weymouth’s Nothe Fort, run by the town’s Civic Society. An event was held in July 2020 to celebrate both the opening of the north terrace and the re-opening of the Fort to visitors, following lockdown.

A new chair-lift was installed, to enable wheelchair users to go out onto the north terrace to enjoy the fabulous views across the bay of Dorset. The terrace underwent significant landscaping changes and uplighting was commissioned to illuminate the wonderful new signage – which can be seen from Weymouth Beach – designed by Joe Coleman

On behalf of the Fort, Nicky commissioned stone artists Zoe and Alex of  ‘Stoneform’,  to engage with visitors to the Fort to develop their concept, which led to the creation of two bespoke,  stone benches – with inset, carved slate back-panels. The six panels portray the narrative of the Fort’s relationship across the centuries, with the maritime environment surrounding it. 

Stoneform’s two benches provide the jewel in the crown of the Fort’s newly improved north terrace, which is now open to visitors to the Fort. Not only are the benches beautiful and so skilfully crafted, but the views from them are breathtaking!

It was an eventful 18 months for the creative team. Between us, we weathered serious illness, family bereavement and a global pandemic! But on 10th July 2020 and with a small invited audience, Paul Atterbury cut the ribbon and shots rang out from the ramparts, in celebration of the project’s completion and the safe re-opening of the Nothe Fort.