Bounce Back believes that meaningful dialogue with local people and investigation into the back-story of a place, is key to discovering and highlighting its essence and crucial for influencing decisions about its future.

This is why all of Bounce Back’s projects begin with a creative, community engagement phase, in which groups and individuals are encouraged to reflect upon and record their personal relationship with – and hopes for – local spaces. Please see images below for a few examples of previous work in this area.

Bounce Back will continue this work as we move towards the post-coronavirus future, while ensuring that our projects are run in line with government guidance for safe distancing at all times. In particular Bounce Back is interested in developing projects which enhance community cohesion, promote wellbeing in participants and provide uplifting social engagement in public spaces, which has previously been denied to us during strict lockdown.

We are working with partners and funders to develop projects, which explore the idea of communities ‘re-connecting’ safely in public spaces, through a celebration of local heritage. If you would like to talk to Bounce Back about developing or being involved in a community project near you, please give Nicky a call on 07799 052975 or email her at