Public Art Commissioning & Social Engagement in Place-making Schemes

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‘Since 2006, I have been bringing together the right people and managing the necessary processes, to enable innovative and imaginative, place-shaping work to happen.

In partnership with cross-sector, multi-disciplinary design teams, I produce high quality, creative interventions in public realm and regeneration schemes, in celebration of local heritage and identity.

My work is realised through the engagement of carefully-commissioned, experienced artists and studios. Each is selected for the high calibre of their work and their skilful, creative  engagement workshops with communities to understand  and celebrate what makes a locality unique. 

Through interpretation of local context, beautiful, other-worldly interventions are brought to life in public spaces, within which, local people can recognise the seeds of their ideas, made manifest.’ 

Nicky Whittenham – Public Art Consultant & Project Manager

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